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Step 4: Finding Your Property
Finding Your Property 56%

Now that you’ve got that preapproval in your back pocket and we’ve got a crystal-clear understanding of what your dream outcome looks like, it’s time to get down to the really exciting part – property hunting! But here’s the cherry on top: you’re all set to pounce when that perfect property shows up, even if there are multiple offers. No need to sweat it – I’ve got an impressive track record of coming out on top in those situations. Just remember, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” property, no matter how deep your pockets go. What we’re after here is the perfect outcome, tailor-made just for you.

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Here's What Happens Next...

  • I will start by sending you a mix of both on-market and off-market listings that closely match your criteria. If your preferences are quite specific, I’ll even reach out to property owners who fit the bill, what we affectionately call our Seller Universe, to identify passive sellers.
  • Your role is to keep an eye out for any properties you come across on the internet. Send me their details, and I’ll promptly assess if they align with your criteria and provide you with all the essential information about those properties.
  • While you’re in the area, if you happen to come across a property that catches your eye, simply send me the address, and I’ll take it from there. No need to hesitate; I’m fearless when it comes to reaching out to potential sellers.
  • I encourage you to visit open houses, as it’s a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your preferences. When you arrive at an open house, just let the agent know that you’re working with Linda Granger, and they will respect your space, allowing you to explore the property without being bombarded with questions. It’s a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

3 Things We Need Your Participation With:  

1. Read the VIP emails that we send you for the off-market listings.

2. Be ready to decide and act quickly.

3. Let us know of your plans to come view property as soon as you are aware.

LINDA GRANGER, Team Lead | REALTOR® | Broker Associate

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