Ultimate Buyer Process™

Step 2: Decision to Work Together
Decision to Work Together 28%

You have chosen to partner with my team and me at Granger Group Tahoe for your real estate investment. This signifies your decision to engage a team of seasoned real estate professionals with a wealth of experience. Our expertise goes beyond the basics of showcasing properties and drafting contracts; it includes the strategic skills needed to find the perfect property for you. Crafting winning offers and managing the transaction process from acceptance to a successful close of escrow are our specialties. Rest assured, your real estate venture is in the capable hands of professionals who understand that success requires skill, strategy, and a dedication to making your experience seamless and exceptional. 

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Here's What Happens Next...

First, let me introduce you to your Ultimate Buyer ExperienceTM. This process was created to ensure you always know what happens next and have instant access to  additional resources. You will receive an email during every pivotal moment of the transaction, explaining what to expect next. To view the seven pivotal milestones,  you can view the Ultimate Buyer ExperienceTM process PDF below. Now let’s talk about what happens now that you have decided to hire me as your real estate professional. 

To set the stage for a successful journey, it’s important to have a few key elements in place right from the start. First, we’ll need to complete the Buyer Representation Agreement and associated documents. Additionally, having your preapproval letter from your lender or proof of funds from your financial institution is essential. If you haven’t obtained preapproval yet, we can assist you in connecting with a lender, as it’s a vital step to kickstart the process of viewing homes. Once this foundational groundwork is established, we’ll create a customized on and off-market search that aligns perfectly with your criteria, allowing you to explore open houses and request private showings with ease. When you come across a property that suits your needs, we’ll collaborate on developing a strategic purchase offer, marking the beginning of Step 2 in our Ultimate Buyer ExperienceTM: The Written Offer. These initial steps are pivotal in ensuring that you’re on the right track and well-prepared for a successful real estate journey.

3 Things We Need Your Participation With:  

        1. Review, complete and sign relevant forms (Agency    Disclosure & Buyer Representation Agreement). And these will be sent via email from                       Docusign, once you are ready. 

        2.  Request private showings with us and let’s discuss attending open houses. Send us any properties that you see online that you like or even                     just the addresses of homes you like when driving by.

        3. Provide us with feedback for the properties that we send you – like, dislike, love this style, not for me, etc. 

LINDA GRANGER, Team Lead | REALTOR® | Broker Associate

linda@grangergrouptahoe.com | 530.581.6927

Ultimate Buyer Process™ Resources

Ultimate Buyer Process™

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