Market Summary for 2009 Reno/Tahoe Real Estate Sales

The most commonly asked question of a Realtor is, "How's the market?".  Our 'scripted' response is usually something along the lines of "unbelievable" or "you wouldn't believe it if I told you" or "it's a market of opportunities". In general, I try to be a bit more creative … [Read more...]

The New Ritz-Carlton Restaraunt, Manzanita, Lake Tahoe

Service. What else would you expect from the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe? It started off with a phone call from the concierge at the Manzanita Restaurant in the Ritz.  She was wondering if we would like to have a chilled bottle of champagne at our table when we arrive, since … [Read more...]

Underground Pond Hockey in Lake Tahoe

Pond hockey at Donner Lake

The holidays brought plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation and indoor entertainment. In just those couple holiday weeks, we had the opportunity to downhill ski at Alpine Meadows Ski Area and Squaw Valley USA.  When we felt like we needed to get a good cardiac burn, we … [Read more...]